I called in a panic with a question for a groomer. The young man who answered the phone (11-21-09) was so helpful......he said he was the only one there at the time..........I sure wish I knew his name. He gave me a "simple" remedy to a tough question. Above and beyond my expectations for customer service. Thanks!!!!!!! Donna in Novato
— Donna E.
This place is the best kept secret in Marin County! I took my 2-year old Westie for grooming cuple of weeks ago and he came out looking picture perfect!!! He was also very calm when I picked him up which is usually not the case because not only is he a WESTIE but he also absolutely HATES grooming:-) I highly recommend this place!
— Maya O.
My Beagle hates his nails clipped. It's always a trauma for both of us. Vince handled Bentley very well, we were in and out in no-time. I would highly recommend him.
— Ellie K.
we've used Vince on and off for 4 years now. he used to do our lovely great pyrenees, clea, before she passed. these are not the kind of dogs that you can do yourself at home. Vince did an amazing job with our girl and his prices were extremely reasonable. recently we adopted two smaller mutts (so we can get good doggie karma) though they are not exactly tiny (58 lbs and 85 lbs but no pyrenees....). consequently we use Vince less frequently as these two are manageable for us to do ourselves at Petco bathing facilities. However sometimes we just dont want to deal with the work so we take them back to Vince. He has a great way with dogs and they really don't mind being there getting washed and clipped! Thanks Vince. Great job as always.
— Tina A.
Vince is the greatest. He really has a way with dogs. They love him and behave for him. I take my Maltese and Miniature Schnauzer to him and he always does a wonderful job. Also, he listens. When I explained that I wanted to Maltese's ears cut shorter because they drag in his food and on the ground and get filthy, he did a cute little dutch boy cut that looks adorable and is so much easier to maintain. What's most important to me is that the experience is obviously better for my dogs. Before I started going to All Aboard, my dogs HATED to go to get groomed. I'm talking whining and howling from the moment I turned into the parking lot. Now, they're perfectly fine with it, and come out happy and perky, not neurotic. The prices are very reasonable and most importantly, the dogs are happy and look terrific.
— R.L.
Thanks Vince for providing such a safe, loving place to have my dogs groomed. Vince and his staff are great to work with, very accommodating and just nice people.

I'm lucky to have such a great groomer in my neighborhood.
— Rachel R.
I popped in one day, with no appointment, with my new pup. It was about 15 minutes until closing time and I just wanted to get my dog's toenails clipped.

The guy behind the counter could have pulled the "We're closing in 15 minutes" line and he wouldn't have been out of line, but instead he squeezed us in and had a great sense of humor and worked really well with my dog. If that's not enough, their pricing is super competitive and they have a little gated dog area in front of the counter to wait. I think his name was Vince and I have been converted. I am so glad this place exists. He was really compassionate, friendly, talkative and just plain nice. And my dog liked him, too.
— Mary R.
I would have never thought that finding a place to have the nails clipped on my guinea pig would be that hard, yes I said guinea pig. I called my vet, I called other vets who wanted to examine the animal first, then I called All Aboard. Ten dollars and 5 mins later my little "Pancake" was all pretty! Thanks again for helping Pancake!
— Jeni H.
I am so pleased with the grooming my beautiful Cavalier, Miss Maggie May received from Vince. She looks great and I am so pleased to know I have found a great new Dog Groomer.
Mary Anne Gilles
— Mary G.
So happy to have such a great dog groomer in our own neighborhood. Needed a last minute grooming, wash and nail trim and Vince was able to get our dog in. :) Vince was so nice and did an absolutely wonderful job! If I could give them more stars I would!
— Allie L.
They have always done a great job on my Shorkie and Chihuahua. Hair cut for Shorkie, bath and nails for Chi. Wonderful place.
— Dawn O.

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5.0 star rating 11/19/2008
My friend recommended Vince and All Aboard Dog Grooming after I tried trimming my dog's toenails and traumatized us both! I was so afraid I'd have to take him to the vet to be sedated because he was so scared of the clipping.

I dropped in without an appointment and enjoyed watching him interact with the previous client. My dog, who can be noisy with strangers, went right to him and miraculously, Vince handled him firmly and perfectly to cut his nails without too much fuss. What a pro!

We couldn't be happier. The place is cheerful and very reasonable. We'll be lifelong clients now.
— Cindi B.
I have taken my golden here a few times.
The other day he chased a deer into a horrible field of burrs. He was a mess. Actually in pain. I called these kind people and even though they were super busy..they told me to bring him in. They got all the burrs out and had to shave parts of him..but he is happy again and burr free. Wonderful kind people. Would recommend to all.
— Liz S.
Vince and staff at All Aboard Dog Grooming are the best!!!

I bring him a beautiful but challenging Portugese Water Dog who is highly reactive to all kinds of stimulus. The PWD did not do well captive and terrified in the mobile dog grooming van that came to the house as the generator was too noisy and the cut had to be done too quickly (within 1 hour) before they moved on to the next appointment.

Vince and staff are so cool with all breeds of dogs and understand how reactive they might be and tailor the grooming treatment to the toleration level of the dog... This means Vince might do some grooming work for a short while and then give the dog a break -and perhaps a short walk- before attempting to tackle the dogs grooming again.

The dog's cut is always beautiful -but if you haven't groomed your fur baby in awhile-you might find it's new cut is shorter than you had originally hoped for. Mats are ugly and Vince doesn't tolerate "Ugly"!

Vince and staff are kind to and knowledgeable of all breeds. Whether you have a Doodle or a Lhasa Apso or a Portugese Water Dog etc. you can be assured that any guardian will be delighted with the results of the superior and kind grooming received at All Aboard.


— Francesca K.
I brought my welsh terrier Charley to Vince at All Aboard for many years. Charley didn't like to be groomed and let everyone know it! Vince knew how to handle Charley. He was firm, but also patient and kind. And he managed to give Charley a great haircut! My Charley passed away recently. I hope to bring another dog to Vince someday. I can't recommend All Aboard enough. They are the best!
Linda S.
— Linda S.
OK, the fact is, I don't know anything about dog grooming. I don't even have a dog.

But a neighbor does. He's very old,and doesn't understand that dogs need grooming.

I took his dog - a Yorkie - awhile back to a grooming setup at a chain, and they made me sign paperwork stating that the dog was a matted mess, and that the chain wasn't responsible for whatever they had to cut-off, to get the dog cleaned-up. OK...

This time I took the dog to Vince. He commented "wow," but said that he would do what he could.

Picked up the dog a few hours later, and all i can say is "awesome!"

Thanks, Vince!
— Bill F.
We have been bringing our dog here for 6 years. My temperamental Llasho poodle will only sit still for the owner. They are great people. They do a fantastic cut. Highly recommend.
— Linda G.
Vince and his crew are the best we have ever found in Marin! And are we glad we found them!
— Wyllys B.
Vince the owner is a really nice man. I had three beautiful Pomeranians, my fur kids, who have all since passed. He gave them trims during winter and the "Boo" or "lion" cut in summers. My youngest, Barnaby, had some nervous issues and could nip. Vince was good with him and it worked out. My neighbors dog is a nipper too who's groomer would not see his dog any longer. I referred him to All Aboard and Vince takes him! My wonderful father would help me sometimes by taking my fur kids to the groomers for me. My father likes to talk and I think took up a lot of Vince's time. My father said that he noticed that the groomers hug the dogs quietly for about a minute before grooming them on the tables. I thought that was a wonderful way to show love to these beautiful creatures scared in a different environment than their home. Vince told me one day that one of my boys was drinking a lot of water while in his crate. Shortly afterwards I took him to the Vets and found out he had kidney disease. I gave my Angel IV subdermal fluids that gave him quality of life until the end. Thank you Vince:)
— Karen J.
Great work and friendly people. Sometimes I have to call way ahead to get an appointment, which is tells me that they are busy, so other people feel like I do. Unfortunately, by the time I really decide to call, it can be 2 weeks before they can take my poodle mix. I've always been satisfied with how my dog looks.
— John Thomas P.
Simply the best groomer I have used. Always very friendly and helpful staff and the results have always been fantastic. Vince knows his craft and never disappoints.
— Jeff B.